Monday, November 8, 2010

"Anti-" Cover

T. Renner, "Untitled," 2010, digital photograph.

Steven D. Schroeder, editor of the on-line poetry journal Anti-, has used this photo as the cover to the November 2010 issue.

Steven says,
Anti- is not aesthetically affiliated with Nicanor Parra’s school of antipoetry, though the editor does think more poets ought to heed Parra’s advice that “You have to improve the blank page.” Anti- is contrarian, a devil’s advocate that primarily stands against the confinement of poetry in too-small boxes. Anti- wants to provide a single arena for a wide range of styles and ideas, so these different kinds of poets and poems can either fight it out or learn to coexist. We want to be a venue where voices from the margin can be heard next to more established ones. We’re also interested in work that blurs boundaries: between verse and prose, traditional and cutting edge, metrical and free, humorous and scary, narrative and lyric and linguistically fragmented.

Anti- publishes both “issues” and “featured poets.” Issues will contain writing by multiple poets, will appear at least twice a year at possibly irregular intervals, and will stay on the main page for at least a month. Featured poets will stand alone on the main page for (typically) two weeks. All authors will remain available in the archive.

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