Friday, February 5, 2010

Wall Detail, Hunt Gallery, Webster University #5

T. Renner, "Wall Detail, Hunt Gallery, Webster University #5," 2010, digital photograph.

I have a sound piece -- "Poison Rat R. #7" -- in an exhibition called Re(sound) at the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery at Webster University, 8342 Big Bend Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri. The opening reception is Friday, February 5, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The exhibition runs through March 5.

Re(sound) is curated by Dana Turkovic and Adam Watkins. Participants include:
Martin Atkins, Maria Blondeel, Kieth Bueckendorf, Seth Cluett, Mark Early, Jeremy Ghost Ice, Robert Goetz, Helena Gough, Joe Gilmore, EricHall, Thomas Harris, Daniel Hockenson, Patrick Hunt, Emilie LeBel, Jay Lizo, Ed Osborn, Tony Renner, Steve Roden, Jodi Rose, Patrick Savage, Micah Silver, Nicolas Wiese, and many others.
According to the official press release:
Re(sound) explores the sonic medium by compiling a long list of current musings by sound artists from around the world. Re(sound) hopes to build physically on the concept of the periphery, using one sensory input, and providing an alternative metaphor for demonstrating that the idea of an art center has now become more like an invisible node, connected by infinite tentacles by digital networks, thereby displaying the borderless qualities of the sonic medium. As sound flows through space it has the ability to navigate geographically, placing and displacing, bouncing in all directions and always occupying more than one position. Over the past century, this art form has emerged by extracting from the worlds of visual art and music.

Because sound can be both borderless and site-specific and imply immediate involvement upon its reception, the physical construction of the exhibition is a reflection of its universal and relational qualities. Presenting the work as a weather vane of sorts, using St. Louis as the central axis, listening stations will be installed marking the North, South, East and West, a compilation of sound works spanning the globe from artists working locally and in Berlin to Los Angeles to Sydney to Toronto. Ultimately extending the notion of sound's current location as multiple and expansive, the intention is to play on the structure and diverse nature of sound by setting up an environment where the visitor is asked to enter the space and simply listen.

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