Saturday, July 30, 2022

Vanity Fair May 2022 Cover

Fell somewhat behind on my project of drawing 12 pages -- with my non-dominant left hand -- from each issue of Vanity Fair but I'm getting back on track.

I draw a rough-ish sketch in pencil and then go back and finish with fineliner ink pens.
By the time I had finished pencil drawings for the May issue the June issue had arrived and by the time I finished those pencils the July-August summer issue had arrived!
I find myself listening far to much to my inner critic, what drawing guru Danny Gregory calls "your monkey."
No good ever comes from paying attention to that monkey!
Here's the first drawing of the issue to which I added pastels to get some of the Andy Warhol flavor of the cover.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Vanity Fair April 2022 Giorgio Armani Ad


Vanity Fair April 2022 Louis Vuitton Ad


Vanity Fair April 2022 Drawings

Finally finished drawing through the April issue of Vanity Fair.

I went great guns at first drawing pencils but then bogged down on inking them.
Then I got intimidated by making two drawings of Grimes. I don't know why. Took until the past weekend to do the pencils. Found $2 worth of change yesterday and bought a Le Pen 0.1, which I used to ink the Grimes drawings
Work on the May issue of Vanity Fair starts tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Self-Portraits with Roller Paintings

I've been planning doing some roller paintings for several years after seeing Brion Gysin's roller paintings.

I bought a couple of foam rubber rollers at Dollar Tree sometime last year and just this month finally put some paint on paper.

They came out very well, I think. I've purchased a couple of Speedball brayers and will carve patterns on them in the next few weeks. I also have several large 6' x 6+' canvases to work on.

Stay tuned.

Vanity Fair Hollywood 2022 Gucci Advertisement