Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy 86th Birthday, Chuck Berry!

T. Renner, "Chuck Berry Statue," 2011, digital photograph.

Happy 86th Birthday to Chuck Berry!

This photo is of a statue of Chuck Berry, who still lives and performs in St. Louis (including just last night!), located on Delmar Boulevard in University City. Harry Weber, sculptor, created this bronze work.

Chuck Berry's official web site says:
Born in St. Louis on October 18, 1926 Berry had many influences on his life that shaped his musical style. He emulated the smooth vocal clarity of his idol, Nat King Cole, while playing blues songs from bands like Muddy Waters.

Chuck Berry's music has transcended generations. He earns respect to this day because he is truly an entertainer. Berry, also known as "The Father of Rock & Roll", gained success by watching the audience's reaction and playing accordingly, putting his listeners' amusement above all else. For this reason, tunes like "Johnny B. Goode," "Maybellene" and "Memphis" have become anthems to an integrated American youth and popular culture. Berry is a musical icon who established rock and roll as a musical form and brought the worlds of black and white together in song.

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