Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cherokee & Minnesota: DART St. Louis

T. Renner, "Cherokee & Minnesota," 2011, digital photograph.
DART St. Louis is a participatory photography challenge that started with one basic premiss -- that beauty can be found anywhere by those who seek it. In April 2011 over 250 creative St Louisans threw darts at a huge map of St Louis City. Over the following month, participants visited the area where their dart landed and made a photograph. The resulting collection of photographs show a snapshot of St. Louis as it is today, one random block at a time.

A camera is a powerful tool that gives the photographer a reason to explore topics and places that are unknown. By the mere act of photographing, things that were unknown become captured, understood, and made personal. By experiencing new areas and meeting new St. Louisans, we see more clearly the hope and promise of our own neighborhoods and our own neighbors. This is all St. Louis, and it’s ours.

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