Friday, May 29, 2009

eARThworks Art Auction 2009 Saturday Night

SOLD T. Renner, "Environmental Watercolor #2 (Rain)," 2008, watercolor on paper, 14" x 11". SOLD

The above piece has already been sold but is still on display in the Gallery at the Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri.

You can see it along with all the other contributions today and tomorrow, and you can also bid on some very nice pieces, on Saturday, May 30, when the Missouri Coalition for the Environment holds their eARThworks 2009 art auction beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Click here for tickets.

Click here to see all of the contributions.

"Environmental Watercolor #2 (Rain)" is an exercise in letting rain, gravity, and the capillary action of the fibers in paper do the work. That is, I dabbed some pigment on a sheet of paper and set it out in a light drizzle and went off to do something that I no longer remember doing. On returning, I was very pleased that it had not rained very hard and that the pigment had spread very nicely. I picked up the sheet very carefully and turned it once vertically and once horizontally and hung it to dry. (I did touch up a couple bits of pigment with a water charged brush but I couldn't identify the areas now.)

Here's a list of contributing artists taken from Missouri Coalition for the Environment's Winter 2009 The Alert:

Gloria Attoun, Michael Bauermeister, Tim Black, Joan Bugnitz, Julie Bunitz, Tom Bugnitz, Mieko Catron, Cynthia Pitsinger, Bill Christman, Elizabeth Concannon, John Cournoyer, Andrew Cross, Joseph Farmer, John Goessmann, Benjamin Guffee, Susan Hacker Stang, Heather Haymart, Nola Heidbreder, Jan Hessel, Hilary Hitchcock, Terry Hoffman, Cary Horton, Christine Hotlz, Jim Hubbmann, Paul Hubbmann, Tom Huck, Angela Hunter-Knight, J.S. Johnson, Richard Knight, Robert Knight, Paul Krainak, Larry Krone, Katie Lacewell, Adam Long, Heidi Lung, Richard Meyers, Mary Nasser, Bill & Julie Newberry, Pat Owoc, Joyce Pion, Melisse Reichman, Tony Renner, Nancy Rice, Sue Rothschild, Paul Shank, Mary Beth Shaw, Thomas Sleet, Timothy Smith, David Stine, Anne Treeger Huck, Celeste Webster, Linda Wiggen Kraft, Diana Bose, Keith Buchholz, Bill Christman, Kelly Draper, Thomas Hunt,Bill Kohn, Kelly Krainak, Charlotte Lyons, John Montre, Jennifer Silverberg, Tom Tritschler, Mary Whealon, Timmie Wiant

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