Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Map (for Jean Arp)"

T. Renner, "Map (for Jean Arp)," 2007, collage with construction paper.

Killing time a work, I found a couple of pieces of brightly colored paper, tore the yellow piece into two squares and dropped them on the field of blue. I didn't affix them except my means of the digital scan you see above.

Note that I haven't given dimensions because this piece really only exists in the digital realm and, thus, can be as big as the viewer can make it. Please click on the image to view it at 1200 pixels wide. At that size, it is possible to see the fibers of the torn pieces.

This piece owes everything to Jean Arp's "Collage with Squares Arranged According to the Law of Chance," 1916-1917.


Colin said...

I put it on my desktop background... looks like a river delta

nosey parker said...

That's cool! I like the ephemerality of the piece and the way it translates to painting/collage in new media. Blah blah.